Garage Storage Ideas for Your Tools

Storing and organizing tools in garage is a tedious task because of limited available space. Leaving tools scattered in the garage can present a messy look of your house and sharp tools may lead to accident as well.

garage tool storage

Keeping tools organized in your garage have many benefits such as:

  • The whole garage looks cleaner
  • Finding a tool becomes easy
  • Dangerous tools stay safe

Some amazing garage storage ideas are given below.

Plywood Board

You can use plywood board to keep your tools organized. It is one of the most common techniques used to store tools in the garages. Take a plywood board and mount it on the wall using screws.

Now place hooks on the board in an organized way to make room for every tool on the board. You can hang tools using these hooks easily.

Wrenches on a Wooden Rack

Wrenches are an important type of tool and come in different sizes. Hanging wrenches on a rack can be a very helpful idea to keep all different sizes together.

Use a PVC Pipe Rack

Pipes are usually used to transfer fluid or gas but old this PVC pipe can provide you with this benefit you never thought of.

All you have to do is to slice the whole PVC into pieces and place these PVC pipe pieces on the wall using screws. Now you can easily put your tools in these PVC pipe pieces and keep them organized.

Small Tools Organizer

It is really a headache to store small tools because they can be easily lost. You can make your own small tools organizer using a food container. Just grab a large sized food container and a plastic foam.

Poke some holes in the plastic foam to make space for different tools. For lengthy tools, you can make some tube-shaped holes as well. You can put in your tools and keep them all together. It makes these tiny tools available to you when needed.

Bent Pegboard Holder

Bend an 8-inch-long pegboard holder. you can rapidly nab and put them away in an amazing fashion. You can install this pegboard wall and fix some right angles which help in holding different tools.

Use Binder Clips

Band Saws are pretty sharp and they can harm you or anyone else if not kept organized. You can use binder clips to nest the coiled band saws and then you can hang them easily on the pegboard. It saves you from an unhappy incident.

Make Wooden Racks

Wooden racks are another idea to keep your garage tools organized and classified. You can make these racks easily by using old wooden crates. Tools can be classified and kept together in these racks easily.

Use Plastic Containers

Screws and bolts are tiny but pretty essentials tools but it is a hectic task to save them from being lost. Plastic jars and containers are very useful to keep these tiny screws and bolts at one place. It makes them available easily whenever needed.