Different Garage Flooring Options Available

Choosing the right floor for your custom-built garage is not as easy as we thought, there are a lot of styles, coatings, coverings, paints and even mats. The choosing of the flooring for your garage will improve all the time that you are thinking to spend on your garage. To make the job simple and give you an idea of which way to go, we can divide floor choices into two primary types: coatings and coverings.

garage flooring

Coatings usually are cheaper than coverings, they are adhered directly to the floor using  a brush or a roller and the most common are paint and epoxy, on the other side coverings have more variety, this one can be removed any time you want; tiles and mats fit with these descriptions and they can be of different materials and colors.

Now, what is the best choice for garage flooring? Next, you can read some specific characteristics of the different choices. One thing you need to take into account is the purpose of your garage, if it is only for your cars or maybe to make some exercise.

Let’s start with coatings, this includes floor paints, sealers, stains and epoxy pain; they generally are cheaper if you apply them yourself, one of its benefits is that this kind of flooring protects against moisture, stains or corrosive chemicals, on the other side, the disadvantages are incomplete floor preparation or damp concrete. It is necessary that before applying coatings some professional tests your concrete and guarantees that this doesn’t slab for moisture because if it is coating won’t stick correctly to the concrete and keeps it consistently moist.

Another disadvantage is that coatings require a lot of several and careful preparations like cleaning, using solvents, maybe previous coatings and even repair cracks, holes, and other surface imperfections. Anyways, keep in mind that is cheaper and will help your budget.

In second instance, the coverings, in difference to the coatings, these only come in two kinds: rollout mats and interlocking tiles. First of all, the rigid tiles are made of a plastic stiffer than flexible tiles; because of this they are able to handle more weight than other materials. This kind of covering has a lot of advantages in front of other options of garage flooring: they are easy to install, some versions are made to drain snowmelt, can expand or contract based on the temperatures and are super durable.

Another common covering is the rollout mats, this kind of coverage is easier and more efficient than others because it can be used only under a car or –if you put some of them together- can cover all the garage. These ones are easy to clean and install, it consists in sweeping the floor, unroll the mat and tape the corners. Nevertheless, despite they are durable, mats are more delicate than other coverings because the temperature can damage them, they are glassy in cold weather and can easily get cut with metal shards or motorcycle kickstands.

The most creative flooring are the interlocking tiles, they can be available in different lengths, patterns, and colors. This type of flooring is very comfortable and easy to install; the process consists in cutting the tiles with a utility knife, lock them in, and press them with a wallpaper roller, also, they are a better option than mats because when some tile gets damaged the only thing you need to do is change it. Likewise, interlocking tiles expand with temperature changes so is preferable to leave space for expansion near the walls or other obstacles like shelves.

In conclusion, the decision of improving your garage flooring will be guided by what kind of work you will do on it and your budget. Whatever option you choose, will add style, color and a good look to your garage, will make that space a better and comfortable place to work in. Remember that not always cheaper is better and is preferable a well-done work than something that brings you troubles in the future.