Garage Accessories You Can’t Pass Up

Every family, man or children dreams with a little space to get away from the routine –even for a while-, a place where you can store your car and take a few drinks with your fellas while you fix it, a place to turn your body into that fitness dream or even a place that you can turn into a princess castle or a big fortress. Even when you think everything is ready for having fun, exists a lot of high-tech or homemade accessories that you must have to improve your garage storage experience.

garage accessories

First of all, if you are new at home, it is necessary to check with an expert the conditions of the garage, obviously, security is at the top of the list. Maybe you will need to give it a coat of paint, repair parts of the roof, and improve it for all seasons or unexpected weather changes. After that, you can become a true DIYer with all the storage accessories that you can find in this article.

  1. Can you imagine floating boxes?: It is not necessary to be in 2050 or being one with the force for making things get suspended on air, you can easily have it in your garage installing two bottom flanges in the ceiling and slide your boxes. This idea will help you to save a lot of space and save you from unnecessary disaster.
  2. Keep your tools on one place: It is not necessary to be a pro to keep your tools clean and in order. A super easy and low-cost project is putting a table on the wall with holes to hang all your screwdrivers.
  3. Save the space, save your bikes: If you are tired that your kids or your partner leaves their bike in the middle of the place, don’t worry: with a little bit of imagination and a box of wood you can easily have this storage hack to hang up your bikes in the wall.
  4. PVC will be your best friend: With a couple of pieces of PVC, you can keep all your garden or big tools. This hack is affordable, efficient and durable!
  5. Never underestimate DIY power: Being a DIYer means being efficient and gives you a big and ordered garage able to bring some fellas and presume a little bit.
  6. Get overhead: If you think that every single space is exploited but you still have things, get overhead! This one is a little harder to implement but with patience and a low budget, you can improve every corner of your garage.
  7. Be the king of efficient: We talk about low budget and patience; if you decide to build your own garage shelves, as a result, you will have a cheaper and ecologic way to organize all your boxes.
  8. Kids have their rights too: Obviously, part of the garage must be for the kids (in case you have them and know how disastrous they can be), a ball caddy will give a space where you can store balls, skateboards, and boxes with dolls or other toys.

Something you have to be conscious about is that making the best distribution on your garage is easier said than done, especially if you want to fix everything by yourself. But don’t worry at all, with patience and some effort you can turn your garage into the envy of the neighborhood. Some things you should keep in mind to make this experience even successful are space and budget.

Never miss out space, every corner of your garage means potential, you can create a folding work-space, hang some recycling bins on the wall or even take advantage of your walls and add some extra studs for vertical spacing. Even though, DIY ideas will be your best friend and your bank account will be thankful if you improve low-cost ideas for your garage. All these ideas and advice are an open door for future: think, build and enjoy.