Benefits of Detached Garages

Whether you are looking to buy your next home or even build your very first home, deciding what type of garage you want your home to have is very important. There are basically two different types of garages for you to choose from; attached or detached. While each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, you have to decide which of the two types of garages fits the best with your situation.

In this article, we will be focusing in on the benefits that are associated with having a detached garage as compared to an attached garage. We came up with 5 of what we believe are the biggest benefits of having a detached garage. We include an explanation of why believe each one is a definite benefit to you for having the garage detached.

Top 5 Benefits of a Detached Garage

detached garages

Detached garage frees up square footage for other purposes

Having a detached garage offset to side frees up all that space that would have been used for the garage gives you plenty of room to expand your living space inside the house. It could be used for adding a man cave or even a much-needed home office.

Helps to avoid the need for unattractive facade in the front of the house

Many of today’s homes that feature a garage will often have them sticking out the front of the house. This typically means that some amount of facade has to be used to go above the attached garage to tie the whole look together. By having a detached garage you can decide what is the best way to your garage to fit.

Creates an opportunity for additional eye-pleasing landscaping

Having a detached garage off the side of the house along with a long driveway and sidewalk which leads back to house gives you plenty of opportunities to consider landscaping along the driveway and the sidewalk. This kind of landscaping often adds to the properties curb appeal, which will help to boost the property value of your home.

Having an attached garage on a small-sized house will be too overwhelming

An attached two or more car garage takes up quite a bit of space in any floorplan and it would really look out of place depending on how small the rest of the house is. The alternative is to have a nice detached garage to park your car and store your yard tools and other stuff.

It is easier to add extra space above a detached garage

When it is time to consider adding some extra square footage to your house it is much easier to do it above a detached garage. Trying to add extra space above an attached garage could be a bit more difficult due to existing rooflines or other structural concerns.

We hope that the information that we have included with this article will make it easier for you to decide whether a detached or standard attached garage is best for your home.